Mar 052014

The other day I was checking out my older vst plugin called xflanger (you can find out about it at JC Productionz if your not yet familiar with it,click the JC Productionz link in the Blogroll to the right).The original plugin had no automation support and no presets or support for them,I really wasn’t intending on updating this plugin so soon but I thought I’l jus add autmation support and some presets and leave it at that and not promote it.

So as what usually happens when I start tinkering with something,I could’nt stop fiddling with it and now I’ve been tweaking the gui with new knobs etc and if I do say so myself – its looking pretty spick!Cause of the amount of work I’ve accidently put in to this minor? update,I’l be doing an official release within the next 2 weeks when it will also become available for download”.

(no pic for the moment sorry)