Mar 052014

Arch Avenger Pro Standalone modeHi there, I’ve been thinking for a while just how I can offer a standalone version of my Arch Avenger Pro without causing me a lot of extra work/expense. Luckily in my search I came across Savihost by Hermann Seib, which also features a built-in recording function which is fantastic for quickly putting down an idea before it’s lost in the abyss.

So now in the Arch Avenger Pro zip file you will also see “Arch Avenger Pro.exe”, this needs to stay in the same folder as “Arch Avenger Pro.dll”, I’d also suggest making a Shortcut of Arch Avenger Pro.exe and popping it on your desktop. This will give you easy access to starting Arch Avenger Pro in Standalone mode.

Download Arch Avenger Pro