Soundbank For Retron VST Plugin


vst soundbank retronThis soundbank is for my free Retron Vst plugin & features 30 varied presets incorporating all of Retrons functions. Spice up boring vocals, treat glossy sharp beat loops with an old & worn effect to get that aged sound. Mutilate any sound with distortion, filtering, echo, EQ & also features presets for Lofi, taming highs, enhancing top end and more.

The download pack includes the Retron soundbank in FXB format & a bonus custom version of Retron with the soundbank built in for convenience.



The audio demo below is a series of separate samples with clean versions then a processed version or 2 through Retron.

Here’s the presets:

Mutron Like Bass
Vokal Spice
Touch of Grit
Mids With Filter
Vox Tube
Add Some Air
LoFi Effect
Filter Starter
Dirty Badass Bass
Instrument dist 1
EDM Kick
Delay FX
Highs Tamer
Pad Rumbler
Echo Dirt
Heavy & Fizzle Out
Vox Effects
LEAD Rock Bas
Kick Enhancer
Loop Oldi–fier
Loop Oldi–fier v2
Beat Lp Trash X
Announcement Immitater
Heavily Distorted Phone

Price: $9.00