Simple Stutter Vst Plugin

simple stutter vst plugin

This is a stuttering vst plugin for PC, which will give you that kool stutter effect used by artitsts like Skrillex/BT & countless others. Simple Stutter doesn’t freeze the audio buffer but rather pulses & samples the incoming audio, then you can change the pitch and speed to your liking. It took several months to perfect the engine driving Simple Stutter.

The plugin is small & compact and works on single and multi core cpu’s. All controls  except “initial speed” can be automated and controlled via midi.

You can control the pitch of the stuttering up to a massive 10 octaves either way, this allows you to get some pretty wild effects on your audio.

Simple Stutter also doesn’t use much cpu power.

*Pls be aware – When you use the Stutter button and record automation, you MUST make all automation perfectly square. In the daw Reaper this is made easy by right clicking a node & select all nodes then right-click again and choose the square automation curve. If you don’t do this then your automation of simple stutter won’t sound as you intended. This is only relevant for the “stutter” button only.


Simple Stutter (3413 downloads)
Try the Simple Stutter Pro Version Demo Simple Stutter Pro Demo (986 downloads)


  • Shon

    I hope this work but if it does i will buy the pro and thanks.

  • Aaron


    All you need to do is insert Simple Stutter on a stereo or mono audio track, and play with the Stutter button & other params.
    To get accurate stuttering use your audio sequencers automation to automate the stutter button or it can also be triggered via midi.

    Let me know how it works for you.

  • Brian Olesen

    I’m blind and using Sonar Producer, so I hope many of the functions are accessible through the track inspector as parameters. But nice Price, so I’m gonna test and buy it.

  • Aaron

    Hi brian,

    Try the demo & see how you go. Haven’t used Sonar Producer but the parameters from SSPro should show up.
    Let me know if you run into any problems.