Best Features of The Steinberg Cubase 10

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In our opinion, the best digital audio workstation in the market today is the new Steinberg Cubase 10. We’ve talked all about this in our previous article, Top 2 Best Newly Released DAWs. Why do we think this is the best DAW today? Keep reading.

3 Versions of Cubase

 There are basically 3 versions of Cubase: Cubase Pro 10, Cubase Artist 10, and Cubase Elements 10. All Cubase versions have the same audio engine. But each version has different content and functionality.

Cubase Elements 10

Elements are the best place to start if you want to create your own production. This version is best for home recordists, songwriters, and creative musicians who want to create studio-quality audio recordings

Cubase Artist 10

Artist is for large-scale projects as it can accommodate more than Elements. This version is best for seasoned musicians, project studio owners, and bands.

Cubase Pro 10

Pro is the most complete solution for a DAW. With its features, it instantly corrects pitch, moves between harmonies, and has unlimited MIDI and audio tracks, this version is best for professional producers, mixing engineers, and composers.

Best Features on the Cubase 10

 Note: Not all features are available on some versions of Cubase 10. We’ll specify which features are available on which versions.

VariAudio3 (Pro)

With this feature in Cubase 10, you can edit pitch and correct timing and intonation of individual notes in monophonic vocal recordings which allows control over the intonation and timing problems with a few clicks.

This means ultimate control of your audio to speed up workflow by allowing direct control of all parameters at each segment.

Channel Strip (Pro, Artist, and Elements)

The upgraded Channel Strip offers better metering and functionality. However, the basic version on Elements does not offer the full range of effects.

The advanced version of Channel Strip with its full range is only offered in the Artist and Pro versions of Cubase 10. But both the basic and advanced versions offer the feature wherein you can assign modules directly to the specific channel.

Groove Agent SE 5 (Pro, Artist, and Elements)

Groove Agent SE is the best drum production tool, and in our opinion is the most comprehensive drum production software ever produced.

With the new user interface, the Groove Agent SE 5 brings countless improvements to help you create the best beats to whatever genre of music you’re making.

Audio Warp Quantize (Pro, Artist)

With this feature, you’ll easily be able to warp-quantize audio tracks with the Quantize panel. Create hit points to produce warp markers, and just like MIDI parts, audio loops can be quantized and not ruin them with a mouse-click.

As the audio events are warped and not sliced, they follow any changes in the tempo right away, without it being cluttered.

If you have any questions about Cubase 10, or any DAW, in particular, visit our contact page and don’t hesitate to send us an email.

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