RHEC Fx Multi Effects Vst Plugin

rhec fx vst plugin

RHEC Fx is the multi effects section of RHEC the synthesizer allowing you to use your favorite preset from the synth RHEC to process your audio. It has 2 effects –  a stereo delay with host/internal sync, filtering & much more and also a chorus unit with 3 Lfo’s, selectable waveforms, predelay, voicemix, wet/dry, spread and more.

RHEC Fx also includes the default presets from the synthesizer RHEC, and the optional preset pack RHEC 50 can be used with RHEC Fx. All knobs can be automated & can also be controlled via midi from your favorite keyboard, midi controller keyboard and other hardware.

RHEC was made with an older version of synthedit before the dual core cpu fix, so far I've
 been unsuccessful in upgrading it to be fully compatible. So if you need to use more than
 1 instance of RHEC Fx in a project on your dual/quad core pc, the quick and dirty solution 
is to just make copies  of the RHEC Fx dll file corresponding to the amount of instances you 

Download RHEC Fx

RHEC-Fx.zip (979 downloads)