Platinum Pack Sound Bank For ProjectX1


Projectx1 vst soundbankVersion 2 Changes

– Updated to work with ProjectX1 version 2

– Many sounds updated & others replaced

– Sounds organized into 7 styles

– Volume levels have been streamlined

– Separate patches now also included in the product


This soundbank features hard hitting, gutsy, epic, unique & smooth bass sounds with styles including dubstep, drum n bass, funkadellic, analog, tekno, urban and good solid all rounders. There’s plenty of choices with 90 sounds to choose from, also included in the presets are a couple of punchy lead sounds to round out the collection.

  • Urban sounds
  • Dubstep
  • Can be used in various style’s of music
  • Classic synth basses
  • Rave
  • Hiphop
  • Pop rock
  • Pop music
  • Electronica
  • Ambient and world music
  • Drum n bass & reggae
  • Funk triphop
  • Jungle breakbeat and more
  • Makes use of projectx1s waveshaping

I’ve made good use of the asymmetrical wave shaping available in projectx1 which wasn’t utilized in the standard default sounds. A number of sounds also respond to midi modulation via your synths mod wheel to give variation in your tracks.

These sounds are ready to rock in your production. I employed everything that ProjectX1 has to offer in creating these sounds so they would sound ultra kool & one of a kind.

Customer Comments

Breakmixer on kvr said:
“The sounds sound as good as any other commercial vst synth (like predator) I have””some nice sounds for all sorts of dance music styles”.


Comment by Email:
“I own many synths, both hardware and software. Your ProjectX1 has some of my favourite bass patches. Great job.


Comment by email from Gotenk:
I still use this presets and this plugin. This is one of the best bass plugin seriusly 🙂

(Demo music by Aaron J Curtis)

Price: $12.00