Mar 052014

In november of 2007 after getting back from a month in indonesia I’ve been finding it difficult to get back on track with getting some more vsti plugins out there,probably mainly cause of all the computer issues I’ve been having for eg. recently my sata hardisk packed it in totally and would’nt even spin up any more which was very strange.Damn thing took ALL of my audio work down with it and made me very sad,its failure had something to do with motherboard/cpu temperatures oddly enough.

But it was lucky that I build my synths/vst plugins on my internet drive which is located on a separate IDE drive,so very thankful for not losing that work.Things are getting much better now with the computer finally working nicely with a new sata hard drive.

The synth I’m working on is not too far from completion,but it’l be a kool little synth you’l want to get your hands on when it’s finished.

  • Nice one.

    Keep us updated with what you’re up to plugin wise.