Sonix version 2

Sonix v2 vst plugin is a dual granulator which accepts stereo and mono audio signals. It accepts midi so you’re able to play it with your midi keyboard or you can use the trigger button on the gui.

Each granulator gives you independent control of pitch, level, grain rate, grain size, phase, envelope and gliss.You can selectively send midi to left in, right in or stereo and both granulators have level controls.

Sonix v2 also feature’s full automation of all controls with midi learn, and the grain rate of both granulators can be globally set to host sync.


Features at a Glance

  • Dual granulators
  • Accepts midi input
  • Play Sonix like a synth with your keyboard
  • Demonstration presets
  • Accepts stereo or mono audio
  • Full automation
  • Internal and host sync
Sonix vst plugin
vst plugin

Sonix V2 (261 downloads)   


    Sonix v2 seems to be a bad zip file. Can’t unzip


  • hi larry,

    I just did a test download and was able to unzip without errors.
    Might of just been a bad download, give it another try it should
    be fine.

    If your using Winzip to extract the files, there should be no problems.

  • Joe

    Aaron, I just want to point out that you’re frequently using the word “you’re” wrong. You’re good at your work, but your English makes it seems as though you’re slacking !

  • Hi there Joe, show me where I’m using language incorrectly & I’ll take a look at it.

    As far as I’m aware – You’re = You Are.

    ps. Could be typos I didn’t get around to correcting.