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Changes In Version 2
  •  New GUI
  •  Now has selectable bender range up to an octave
  •  Attenuation button which takes the level down by several db
  •  Now compatible with dual core cpu’s so you can use multiple instances of ProjectX1
  •  Default presets have been streamlined
  •  Midi learn on right click menu for knobs & sliders

ProjectX1 is a hybrid bass synth utilizing subtractive, fm, phase distortion and unison synthesis. It’s essentially a monophonic synth but has a pseudo stereo mode also and features 2 filters, 2 adsr’s, mod envelope generator, 2 modulation matrix’s with 24 possible destinations each and the source signals can also be inverted.


There’s two effects types which are widely used in music production today;  a tube amp simulator which allows you to control gain, clip, speed, cap, bias, shape and mix and also a bit crusher with selectable modes of operation. A unison oscillator has been added but the synth doesn’t operate in unison mode. Peak follow has been added and can grunge up the sound a bit more. Most of the knobs/sliders can be controlled via midi and there’s also dual waveshapers or asymmetrical waveshaping for want of a better Term.

Comment by email from Gotenk:
I still use this presets and this plugin. This is one of the best bass plugin seriusly 🙂

Please read the included manual for more info.



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