Plugin & Product Formats

Q: What are the file formats of the sound banks you sell?

A: The soundbanks I sell are in FXB format, which is a universal format amongst software sequencers. Personally I don’t think I know of a software sequencer that doesn’t allow you to load FXB files.

Q: What format are the files in the Royalty Free Samples Pack?

A: They’re all in .wav format.

Q: Will you’re synths and plugins work on a Mac?

A: No, they are PC only.

Q: I run Protools on pc, can I use your plugins?

A: Only with the help of a wrapper like Fxpansions Vst to Rtas Adapter.

At the time of writing, there’s no freeware vst to rtas wrapper available.

Q: Are the synth and plugin download files raw dll files?

A: Yes they are, but they are compressed with winzip. So what you end up downloading is a .zip file.

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