Mar 212016
rhec vsti soft synth

As many of you now know I’ve repaired the problem with RHEC that was stopping it from remembering changes to it’s knobs & button settings. I originally discovered the problem by accident myself as I use the synth a lot in my music and other projects.

Download from here

If you discover any other problems with RHEC then please let me know in the comments section below or on the RHEC synth page

Mar 052014

The AA Pro donation preset pack started off as 30 presets, but now I’ve finished upgrading it to 50 presets which includes weird fx, cool pads, alarms, leads, bass’s and more. Don’t mean to blow my own horn so to speak, but this is a ‘must have’ upgrade that gets the most out of this synth.

The demo is still based on the old version of the 30 preset pack, but you can click on a link that shows you a pic of the full 50 presets.
Get it Here

Mar 052014

hollywood fx sound bank for arch avenger proarch avenger pro 2.5 soft synth vstIt’s been a while, but I finally finished updating the Arch Avenger Pro.

I wanted to make the synth more cpu efficient which I think I’ve accomplished, and totally reworked the delay fx which has been done also. In the delay fx section you now have independent control of left & right panning, host/internal sync, filtering, 5 note division choices, dry/wet mix and more.

New Features
  • Bender range selection, up to an octave
  • Lower cpu usage
  • New stereo delay Fx with host sync, filtering, panning, dry/wet & level controls
  • Midi learn
  • Master level now has dbfs readout
  • Global section rearranged
  • The overall look has been slightly tweaked
  • Midi CCs reassigned and working
  • Built in patches have been enhanced
Hollywood FX Soundbank

Features fifty sound fx patches for the Arch Avenger Pro v2.5. All the patches have a unique sound, they were designed to give your music a unique flavour.

Types of Sounds Include:

  • Alien propulsion
  • Ufo engines
  • Hospital sounds
  • Build Ups
  • Cartoon and more…


Note: Buy purchasing the optional soundbanks for my synths you help keep this website alive, and you can be sure that I’ll really appreciate your help. Consider your purchase a Donation.

If you’re not interested in my optional soundbanks, I also have brand name synths & vst plugins on my products page(Powered by Amazon), this will save you time rather than looking all over the internet for the same products. You can view the descriptions, reviews & also add to cart, then complete your purchase securely at


Arch Avenger Pro v2.5

Hollywood FX Soundbank

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Mar 052014

Hold on  to your seat – I’ll be bringing you a new version of my bass synth “ProjectX1” any day now. Users of ProjectX1 like possibly  yourself have told me that they love the synth but find the look of it rather uninspiring. As you can see in the picture I have changed the knobs/sliders and cleaned up the whole look.

New features include:

  • Multi core cpu support
  • 1 octave(selectable) of pitch bend
  • Attenuation button
  • New GUI and more….
  • Right-click on controls midi learn & midi cc selection

Here’s a pic of the updated interface:

projectx1bass synth vsti virtual instrument




Mar 052014

Arch Avenger Pro Standalone modeHi there, I’ve been thinking for a while just how I can offer a standalone version of my Arch Avenger Pro without causing me a lot of extra work/expense. Luckily in my search I came across Savihost by Hermann Seib, which also features a built-in recording function which is fantastic for quickly putting down an idea before it’s lost in the abyss.

So now in the Arch Avenger Pro zip file you will also see “Arch Avenger Pro.exe”, this needs to stay in the same folder as “Arch Avenger Pro.dll”, I’d also suggest making a Shortcut of Arch Avenger Pro.exe and popping it on your desktop. This will give you easy access to starting Arch Avenger Pro in Standalone mode.

Download Arch Avenger Pro