Best VST Software Plugin for 2019

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When you’re no longer a beginner in making music using your laptop, sometimes a digital audio workstation (DAW) just isn’t enough anymore.

Although the DAW handles mostly everything—from recording, editing, mixing music, there just comes a time where you’ll need more to create what you want.

That is why most musicians add a selection of plugins to make their setup even more impressive.

Virtual Studio Technology, or VST as it’s more commonly known, is a software interface that contains sounds and effects that integrates software audio synthesizer in digital audio workstations (DAW).

For an in-depth analysis on DAWs and VSTs, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Among the vast selection of available VST software plugins on the market today, which one do we think is the Best VST Software plugin this year?

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Although the Omnisphere was award-winning and overall a great product, Spectrasonics went all out and created the Omnisphere 2. With this new upgrade by the company, users can now import their own user audio materials into the Omnisphere simple by dragging the file into the interface.

Omnisphere is the only software synth that offers a Hardware Synth Integration feature. Over 65 hardware synthesizers now turn into extensive hands-on controllers and bring the familiar layout of your favorite Hardware Synth into Omnisphere.

Simply put, this makes Omnisphere feel like using your favorite hardware synth.

The Omnisphere 2 is available for purchase on their website. If you’re already an Omnisphere customer and would like to upgrade, you’re eligible for an upgrade to the Omnisphere 2 at a cheaper price.

The Omnisphere 1 doesn’t need to be currently installed on your computer before you upgrade.

Omnisphere 2 also offers an expanded library of 400 oscillator wavetables, far from the first Omnisphere with only 5. The sound from Omnisphere 1 will be updated to include the 60 GB sound library of Omnisphere 2.

 Got any questions about Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, or any VST in particular? Send us an email through our contact page. We love hearing from you!

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