Mar 052014

hollywood fx sound bank for arch avenger proarch avenger pro 2.5 soft synth vstIt’s been a while, but I finally finished updating the Arch Avenger Pro.

I wanted to make the synth more cpu efficient which I think I’ve accomplished, and totally reworked the delay fx which has been done also. In the delay fx section you now have independent control of left & right panning, host/internal sync, filtering, 5 note division choices, dry/wet mix and more.

New Features
  • Bender range selection, up to an octave
  • Lower cpu usage
  • New stereo delay Fx with host sync, filtering, panning, dry/wet & level controls
  • Midi learn
  • Master level now has dbfs readout
  • Global section rearranged
  • The overall look has been slightly tweaked
  • Midi CCs reassigned and working
  • Built in patches have been enhanced
Hollywood FX Soundbank

Features fifty sound fx patches for the Arch Avenger Pro v2.5. All the patches have a unique sound, they were designed to give your music a unique flavour.

Types of Sounds Include:

  • Alien propulsion
  • Ufo engines
  • Hospital sounds
  • Build Ups
  • Cartoon and more…


Note: Buy purchasing the optional soundbanks for my synths you help keep this website alive, and you can be sure that I’ll really appreciate your help. Consider your purchase a Donation.

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Arch Avenger Pro v2.5

Hollywood FX Soundbank

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