Mar 052014

The AA Pro donation preset pack started off as 30 presets, but now I’ve finished upgrading it to 50 presets which includes weird fx, cool pads, alarms, leads, bass’s and more. Don’t mean to blow my own horn so to speak, but this is a ‘must have’ upgrade that gets the most out of this synth.

The demo is still based on the old version of the 30 preset pack, but you can click on a link that shows you a pic of the full 50 presets.
Get it Here

  • If we already purchased the 30, do we get a discount? 🙂

  • Don’t you mean the 50.

    Yep for sure.

    On that note, I’ve got a new optional sound bank for the AAPro, it’s
    nearly finished.

  • Woot!