Welcome to JC Productionz

At JC Productionz you can download free soft synths and vst effects created by Aaron J Curtis.

Apart from the free stuff, we also have custom soundbanks available for ProjectX1 bass synth, Arch Avenger Pro & the Oddity(modeled on the classic ARP Odyssey) by Gforce.

If you need info about my plugin & product formats, be sure to visit my Faq page.

A little vst history

VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology. The very first vst plugins were built by steinberg, they were included in Steinberg Cubase 3.02, which was released in 1996, the same year they released the steinberg sdk. So the first vst plugins were Espacial, Choirus, Stereo Echo and Auto-Panner. Wow, how far we’ve come since that time.

 x-flanger vst plugin


Sonix vst plugin arch avenger pro v2.5 soft synth vst
jc leads soundbank for oddity projectx1 bass synth vsti virtual instrument